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Lair of the Narcomancer is a high mobility, fast paced first person shooter. The player is equipped with both a Shotgun and the ability to shoot lightning from their Mega Gauntlet, along with a suite of abilities to navigate the environment including a dash, mantle and vault.

Descend into the seedy nightclub hideout and do battle with the evil Narcomancer, an arcane drug dealer bent on taking over the world with his supply of mind controlling drugs in this Synthwave, Neo-80s adventure!

A game by Skeleton Gang:

Ryan Lovell - Project Lead, Narrative Designer
Baz Lever - Lead Designer

Harley Bekker- Lead Programmer
Harry Fuge - Programmer

Harry Sherlock - Lead Artist, Animator
Levi Moresi - Weapon's Artist
Greta Miller - Character Artist, Additional Environment Art
Karen Ly  - Lead Environment Artist
Jerome Pepa - Environment Artist
Erik Sundstrom - VFX Artist

Sam Ammon-Simmonds - Sound Designer, Audio Mixer

Music by :  Gabriel Wright


Lair Of The Narcomancer .zip 538 MB


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A very good game, albeit short. Congratulations for your work.